Sunday, September 5, 2010


And what a night! Reggaegirlabouttown was walking the streets of Mobay at 7am this morning heading back from a gig that was on fire. There were great performances from all the acts - and all people sticking it out till the end (for real). The night consisted of energetic performances, boisterous attitudes and big, big stage gear. Trust me everyone went all out. No one disappointed, the energy was through the roof... RGAT was lucky to be able to speak with most of the acts during the evening. They were all very pleasant despite most of them just coming off stage spitting hardcore lyrics!!

In the early hours of the morning (I'm talking Early say 5am!!) Bounty Killer was awarded the dancehall crown and boy what a performance the War Lord put on. I’m talking energy, attitude, everything rolled in to a huge set that just blew everyone to pieces. After his crowning he did a big up to his big enemy Vybz Kartel who was yet to perform as the closing act. He announced that he was looking to end the feud between the Alliance and Gaza Crew in order to "make things better for the people". He spoke to RGAT afterwards about it. “In the near future you can expect me to be advocating more as a poor people’s governor and not too doing the warlord thing because you see too much war and indifferences in my country now and I love my Jamaicans,” he said. “Collaboration that’s my thing, trying to unify the people. That’s why I big up Vybz Kartel. People know me and Kartel have our differences but I’m showing them I’m bigging up my arch rival.”


Friday was more of a mellow evening but no less of the strong performances especially from Jah Cure and Etana (BTW who mentioned to RGAT that she’s married now!!), not to mention the Queen herself FYAH MUMA who was unstoppable – performing her hit songs like ‘Below The Waist’ for the ladies, then came ‘Lioness on the Rise’ from her new album Montego Bay which hotted it all up. And then a special number where she introduced us to one of her new tracks in a rock style!

Veteran reggae crooner Tony Rebel closed the night, in a set that was full of big, big songs (‘Fresh Vegetable’!) but best of all his secret weapon - his banter with the crowd. He teased us not to ask him about governmental issues or social problems! Otherwise he’d end up telling all! Before he went on he was telling RGAT that the most exciting thing about playing Reggae Sumfest 2010 was getting to watch a performance by his protégée: Queen Ifrica.


Back up to full power! It was the evening that everyone was waiting for. Gramps Morgan sang a combo of tracks from the album Two Sides Of My Heart including ‘Come Back to Bed’ featuring a little shoulder flash which really pleased the ladies - and some girls I think (?)

Time for Usher and the headliner delivered. He lasted a good hour but what took it away was when suddenly - kaboom!! Elephant Man appeared on stage giving Usher some dancehall moves to try out. Then all of a sudden Chris Brown appeared too and the crowd went mad. The trio freestyled (so it seemed) some moves and we all danced our butts off! The night came to an end with Beenie Man. The Doctor gave his usual high powered strut. Usually he closes Dancehall Night (Thurs) but it made no difference at this point as the crowd seemed happy to have waited.


So ended the biggest ever Sumfest! Here's to the next one. But who knows what the effect of the peace breakout's going to be. As Shaggy told RGAT, "I liked Bounty Killer when he was Hangry and Miserable. Now he's Hangry and Honorable!" Anyhow, RGAT can't wait won't wait!

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